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    Not sure whether this goes here or in the general discussion, but...

    I ended up composing a long, multi-paragraph response to an email on my Curve. I had originally thought to start it on the curve, send it to the office, and complete it on my desktop (where I can type much faster). However, the muse grabbed me, so I did it all with just my thumbs. I wanted to go ahead and send it right away, so I typed in my TO addresses, added my address to the CC line, then tried to delete my address from its original position on the TO line. I clicked "Delete" in the menu and got the prompt, "Delete item?" - to which I replied, "Yes."

    I'm sure you know the rest of the story.

    I'm pretty sure there's no way I can retrieve that muse-inspired, wonderful reply (although if you know a trick, PLEASE send it my way). Rather, I'm hoping that the developers will revisit and revise the language in their prompts. Only afterwards did I realize what a useless term "item" is - IT'S COMPLETELY AMBIGUOUS, so the confirmation prompt is almost useless -- the user has no way of knowing WHICH item the app is getting ready to delete. Can you please revise it to read, "delete draft" or "delete addressee?" At least then I'll have an accurate understanding of the question you're asking me.

    10-28-09 09:21 AM