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    Bear with me on this folks, I've done as much research as possible.
    My company uses 8330 and 8530 berries.
    We are on hosted exchange with hosted BES.

    Some of the 8530s, mine included...are having an issue.

    We have a SQL generated Excel report (still in XLS format, not XLSX)
    If a user forwards that email without opening the attachment, it will not show on the berry email as having an attachment.
    If they open the attachment, change data, then forward it, the file will show and open fine.

    Here's the kicker...
    If the attachment doesn't show, but you open the message and use the menu key and select Show as Text, it works fine.

    The dillemma is if the user doesn't know there is an attachment, they'll never know to choose show as text.

    I've set show HTML emails to NO and rebooted the phone.

    It still will not show or allow opening of the attachment until you select View as text from the message itself.

    Anyone ever hear of this??
    09-10-10 03:32 PM