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    at least I think that's what happened.

    Yesterday I downloaded BlackBerry Messenger 5.0 through App world and after I rebooted my phone was just jacked up.
    -all of my icons are on the main screen, and they're tiny
    -some of the icons are in a simple black outline so they are hard to figure out
    -the wall paper was gone
    -on the upper left corner is the time, on the otherside is the 1EV stuff, then there is a thin black line underneath it (?)
    -when I reset my phone, or do anything that requires it to work, the clock doesn't appear
    -the arrow on the upper right corner (that flashes when sending/receiving info) is crocked
    -if I get mail or fb notice, there are no mini icons up top to tell me what I have waiting to be viewed

    that's the jist of it

    so I uninstalled the app and rebooted, but the phone is still just as bizarre looking and acting

    I attempted to troubleshoot the problem with Sprint, and we pretty much did everything I did on my own, uninstall that app, reboot, reset, update software. Oh, she gave me a link that directed me to a 'fix my blackberry messenger' site that was suppose to reinstall the appropriate version (although I'm sure I downloaded the correct version to begin with), after downloading and rebooting, the same issues remained, and I DON'T even see the bb messenger on my main page along with the other 40 icons, or listed in my application. wth?

    Before calling Sprint again, I wanted to see if folks had any other suggestions ideas or similar experience? Or if someone can recommend a well known BB troubleshooting site, that would be great!

    OH, so I have some other apps, the new dictionary/thesaurus app, the weatherbug app and a few others, all of which I downloaded from here or blackberry app world, and all of which were downloaded days before this phone drama, so that is why I think my issues have to do with the BlackBerry Messenger 5.0 update.
    10-17-09 12:31 AM
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    sounds like you are gonna have to wipe and reload the OS with BBSAK and start anew.
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    10-17-09 03:08 AM