1. jimvii's Avatar
    I am wondering if it is possible to only download the first 50 messages or maybe the last 30 days of email to the native BB email app..?
    The Blackberry I am using (Storm), downloads ALL of the email I have in my Inbox through the BIS. The amount of email is quite large, and locks up the device.

    Is there a way to specify an amount of email to download?
    I tried the Google gMail app also, but I could find no settings for specifying how much email to download. It seems to be all or nothing for both apps.

    Thank very much!
    08-06-10 03:35 PM
  2. ridesno159's Avatar
    I don't understand your question. That's not how BIS email works. It will only put emails on your device after you set up an email account. It won't download any emails before that. You have the option to delete the email right on your device when you receive it. So you already choose what emails are displayed on your phone.

    I'm not sure how the Gmail App works though.

    If I misunderstood your post then please explain more.
    08-06-10 03:52 PM
  3. jimvii's Avatar
    Hi. Sorry about the misunderstanding.

    I am using the BIS with the Blackberry Storm (with the default BB email app).
    The BIS account works fine. The problem is that the Inbox the BIS is pulling from, has a LOT of emails in it's inbox. When the BB downloads email for the first time, it pulls ALL of my email in that inbox down to the BB. The email amount in the inbox is too much for the BB to handle, and it locks up or at least becomes so slow that it is unusable.

    Example: Email inbox-> BIS-> BB

    What I would like is a way to tell the BB or the BIS to only download the last 50 messages. I know that other smartphones have this option, which allows you to get 50 messages at a time. I do not see this option in the BB email app or in the BIS. Unfortunately, I cannot just archive old email from the inbox, thus allowing the BB to pull a smaller amount of email to it.

    08-06-10 04:53 PM
  4. Motorcycle Mama's Avatar
    There's no way to do that on BlackBerry.

    BlackBerry devices do not PULL email messages. Messages are PUSHED to the device by the servers.
    08-06-10 07:08 PM
  5. jimvii's Avatar
    Ok. So basically anything that is in the inbox will get pushed to the BB, yes?
    I am assuming that the only way you get passed this is to do some house keeping on the inbox...

    08-06-10 07:50 PM
  6. jimvii's Avatar
    Bumping for an answer to my last question...
    08-11-10 11:25 AM
  7. ridesno159's Avatar
    Alright, the way you're explaining this isn't possible. It's not the way BIS works. So...

    Is this a work issued BlackBerry?

    If so, that's why it's doing this. With BIS (BlackBerry Internet Service) you will only get email AFTER you set up the account on your BlackBerry, as I said above. There's no way for it to download anything before that, doesn't matter if it's in your inbox or not.

    Now if your Storm is issued by your work (BES, or Blackberry Enterprise Service) it can do this, meaning you get your work emails sent to your phone. Your BB will sync all your emails in the inbox, and whatever else your work wants. This is how BES works. There's no way to stop this, it's setup by your IT guy.

    If none of this is the case then...

    What OS is your Storm running? Options> About.
    Is this a Storm 1 or 2? 9530 or 9550
    What email provider is the account? Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, etc...
    Does this happen on any other email accounts you've setup? If any...
    08-11-10 05:23 PM