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    I downgraded the BBM on my Storm which is running last night, back to the 4.7 version. I had loaded the 5.0 version on there from app world, but the program is huge, and sending media just doesn't seem to want to work. So I uninstalled the 5.0 version, and loaded 4.7 back on, found by a friend who sent me an OTA link. Everything installed fine, and it works, but.........

    I keep getting prompted to upgrade everytime I open BBM. It says, Upgrade Available. An updated program version is available. Get Link / Copy Link / Cancel. I cancel it every time, but it keeps popping back up. I didn't see any option to disable this anywhere on the phone, or in BBM. I don't want to upgrade, hence the reason I downgraded.

    Any advice on this?
    11-25-09 06:54 PM