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    hi guys,

    I did have BB messneger 4.6.0 on my bold 9000. I then downloaded the new BB messneger which turned out to be a huge mistake.
    Now my phone keeps crashing or simply hanging and I keep having to take the battery out to restart my phone.
    As long as I had the 4.6.0 version I never experienced any problems whatsoever.

    I'd like to go back to BB messnger 4.6.0 but can't seem to be able to do it. I tried deleting messenger 5.0 and then tried reinstalling 4.6 from the desktop manager, but 4.6 no longer appears on the list of available software.
    I can't find 4.6.0 anywhere on the web for me to download, not even on the RIM website.

    can anyone please tell me how do i get BB messneger 4.6.0 back on my bold 9000 again??
    10-27-09 06:57 AM