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    so the TZ has moved 1 hour back. I have many friends overseas, however their TZ is not updated.

    For example. my friend in BKK is +7, previously if it's 8 AM here (PDT - Pacific Daylight Savings Time), it's 10 PM there (14 hours difference due to DST, normally it's 15 hours difference), now my BB time is adjusted, and supposedly in BKK now it's 11 PM if in PST it's 8 AM, but my friends TZ is still showing 10 PM (same as when we are in PDT)

    Anyone see the same thing if they have friends overseas?
    11-07-10 10:28 AM
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    Many countries do not use DST, so their local time would not change.
    11-07-10 11:43 AM
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    yes, their local time don't change, but what i m saying is this

    using the above example. if it's 8 AM here, in BKK it's 11 PM after adjusting minus one hour, but in my BB, it shows 10 PM (the same time as if i m still in PDT, NOT PST). The actual standard time is -15 hrs from PST to BKK, so that's why if it's 8 AM, it's 11 PM there, but because of PDT, before changing to -1 hour today, 8 AM here is 10 PM there (because at that time, it was -14 hours). So that's why my first thread, I said their TZ is not changing, because supposedly it should change to one more hour ahead of us because we are minus one hour. I think the BBM TZ works as if our TZ is standing still, and changing all the rest of the world TZ due to the hours difference (instead of the other way around, ROW TZ is standing still and our TZ move around)

    so now my BB is still showing ppl in BKK Time Zone as if I am still in PDT, not PST.

    My BBM is latest version and my BB is Torch.

    EDIT: It looks like it's fixed now. My guess would be this is something from the RIM server, not from the handset.
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    11-07-10 12:10 PM