1. Newbie91192's Avatar
    Right now I have an iphone and am on the AT&T service but I was wondering if I purchase an unlocked 8300 curve and put my sim chip from my iphone into that phone if the Blackberry Messenger will work? Is every unlocked blackberry different in terms of whether or not the blackberry messenger will work?

    Looking forward to some answers...thanks so much in advance.
    06-14-08 01:48 AM
  2. Calderon's Avatar
    I think as long as you have the Blackberry data plan you will be able to use the messenger service.
    06-14-08 02:25 AM
  3. Duvi's Avatar
    Welcome 2 the crackberry family...

    I have an unlocked 8320 on AT&T and it works flawlessly. I also have a GPS receiver and now I have the best of both worlds.
    06-14-08 02:29 AM
  4. mfortner's Avatar
    It will work like all bbs do with BIS if you don't have BIS you won't have messenger.

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    06-16-08 10:50 AM
  5. crackberry penguin's Avatar
    It should and if it doesn't that'd be news to me
    06-16-08 02:47 PM
  6. anfduude84's Avatar
    I am unable to use BBM on a Sprint Unlocked Tour. I do not have BIS/BES and I have AT&T with an iPhone data plan. So far everything works on my phone except BlackBerry messenger, Facebook, and the email application on the phone, is there anywhere to get BBM to work. What about the other apps since I mentioned them. I couldn't find the answers anywhere else.

    02-16-10 12:11 AM
  7. Joseph K's Avatar
    You'd have to switch to a BIS account, rendering the SIM useless in your iphone...
    02-16-10 12:46 AM
  8. vanefullen13's Avatar
    I was given a Telus Blackberry tour 9630 from a friend, who purchased the phone in Canada and used it there for about 9 months. Now I have the phone and would like to use it in the US with my tmobile SIM card. If i get an unlock code and use my regular tmobile SIM card from the phone i have now will tmobile charge me as if it were international service since the phone is from Canada but I am in the US? And will bbm work after it is unlocked?
    09-15-10 10:43 PM