1. rider997's Avatar
    I can't find this information on blackberry.com - does the App World provide an itemized receipt when you make a purchase?

    I'd like to purchase an expensive app and get reimbursed for it, but a Paypal receipt simply saying "Blackberry App World" isn't going to do- either I have to know that the Paypal charge receipt will list the name of the app (which I am somewhat doubtful about), or that I'll get a receipt from App World (somehow) that lists the purchase price and name of the application.
    05-29-10 10:43 AM
  2. Kelly12's Avatar
    BB App World emails an order confirmation which will show the app name & price. PayPal sends a receipt showing the amount paid and the account that it was paid to. Separately, I don't think you'd have what you are looking for, but together maybe it'd work for you?
    06-03-10 04:59 PM