1. hannalet's Avatar
    How can I display the whole day (from about 9am to 12pm) on the day view of my calendar? I end up with lots of tiny events at the bottom of the screen for the evening, and if I change it to display more than about 12 hours I have to scroll down to see them. I want them all to be compressed into one screen as a visual reference. At the moment, the day's distorted in the evenings, but I need to see the mornings too for morning appointments.

    Can I do this? Is there some other solution if not?

    02-22-11 09:27 AM
  2. HyperionMark's Avatar
    I don't think this is possible with the current BB calendar app. I would try some third party calendar apps to see if any of them might fit your needs better.
    02-22-11 09:51 AM