1. deth4uall's Avatar
    I am currently disconnected from my group, even though I am still listed as an admin. Somehow I got thrown out on my side after doing a software update and can't get back in because I am listed in group as a member... :S Any ideas how to get back in?
    05-12-10 08:42 PM
  2. SongDrifter's Avatar
    You will have to be deleted from the group by another "admin" & then re-invited.
    If you are the only "admin" of the group then there isn't a way to delete you & someone will have to create a new group & everyone will have to move to the new group.
    In my groups we have several "admins" just for this purpose b/c phones get upgraded, new phones, etc.
    Trial & error but we finally figured it out..
    05-13-10 07:11 AM
  3. dictoresno's Avatar
    this happened to me during a recent OS upgrade. im the only admin of a group i have. i applied admin to two members (the minimum for an admin to leave with no others) then had someone reinvite me. upon coming back to the group, it reassigned me as the admin automatically (i assume since i was the group creator) and took away admin privilages for the people i assigned them to.

    you do not need to make a new group like the person said above. just assign temp admin status to 2 other people, then leave the group. then have them reinvite you. all will be fixed.
    05-14-10 09:48 PM