1. shriscean's Avatar
    I've created a few BBM contact groups but i cant figure out how to delete them.
    07-06-09 01:48 PM
  2. lazerus's Avatar
    Highlight them, Click BB Menu, delete.

    If that fails, remove the contacts from them, then try deleting.
    07-06-09 01:50 PM
  3. Username00089's Avatar
    If it's a group that you actually created, you have to either move all the
    contacts or delete them all in order to actually delete the group. The only
    group that you cannot delete is the original "Contacts" group. Even if you've
    renamed it.
    07-06-09 01:54 PM
  4. StorminMama's Avatar
    All you need to do to delete a group is open the group, highlight the group once open, hit the BB button, choose administrator, then delete group from the sub menu and verify
    10-08-09 02:16 PM