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    Is there any way to delete BBM completely? Its useless to me and I delete via downloading from BB app world then deleting it and doing a pull but whenever I connect to DM 6 to change any applications it comes right back after I sync. Any ideas?

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    11-04-10 05:14 AM
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    it comes back because its viewed as an "update" when you plug it in and run DM. if you delete the COD files and or ALX file from the java folder in the OS installation folder, it will no longer find BBM as an available update/installation.

    or, when you use DM to add new or change applications, just uncheck BBM. it will automatically appear as an update unless you deselect it.
    11-04-10 05:17 AM
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    Ok, I have BBSAK to remove the files but I don't know what the files are I should delete...don't need another paper weight lol and I can't unselect it even as an update because its not an optional app

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    11-04-10 05:32 AM
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    you should be able to go into the advanced options, and view all the modules that BBM uses. there are like 12 of them i think. those are the ones you delete from the java folder then delete the corresponding alx file. then just delete the BBM app from your device. next time you plug it in, it shouldnt recognize it as an available app to install. ive never done this, but im fairly sure it should work that way.
    11-04-10 10:06 PM
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    I found an easier way to delete BBM after looking at some other BB sites.

    To change BBM from a core app to an add-on app, go to www.blackberry.com/messenger from your phone and download BBM. It will prompt you to replace whatever version you are on with the new version. Agree, and install BBM. After the download, the phone will ask you to reboot now or later. Choose 'later'.

    With the phone still on, do a battery pull. When the phone reboots, go to options -> applications and select 'add-on'. BBM will now be in there and it can be deleted. Feels good not to have that running in the background anymore.
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    11-05-10 03:18 PM