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    On 7.1 but I had these problems while using 7.0 on my 9850 as well. I deleted a Gmail account first by deleting the service books for it and then deleting the actual email account through the setup menu. Also did a battery pull after that. There are no remaining emails on my phone anywhere from this account. In the view folders options I still see the email folders related to this account. I looked at some past threads on this problem and tried a few things to delete these folders but nothing worked. If i need to do this through desktop manager, could someone give me the steps on how to do it there.
    If not there then where do I go to delete these folders.

    2nd problem is under the Advanced Systems Settings > Default Services option, the contact list setting shows the name of my deleted email account. There is no option on the contact list to switch it to another email account on my device, as there under calendar and messaging in this menu. Not sure how it is still recognizing the email account when it no longer exists except in the folders I am trying to delete. How can I get rid of this setting and force it to a different email account.
    Next to contact list in () is SYNC. The calendar has has CICAL and messaging has CMIME.
    01-20-12 02:52 PM