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    I am trying to delete a BBM Group from a Bold 9780...

    The steps I am taking:

    Selecting the Group, options, leave group, confirmation window pops up that says all data will be erased and cannot be undone, click on Delete Group...

    The group icon disappears.

    Reboot phone and the Icon and group re-appears.

    I have tried this many times with the same results.

    Further steps I have taken:

    Deleting all backup files stored on the media card for BBM, including group chat backups.

    Same result.

    latest OS6 for 9780
    BBM ver

    Any suggestions?

    11-20-11 12:11 PM
  2. OF-BammBamm's Avatar
    Further Steps

    Removed BBM and Reinstalled BBM
    During an automated Group recovery, there was a group labelled Unknown, cancelled the unknown group recovery.
    The group is no longer showing up after reboot.

    But. When the group was joined again, the calendar was updated adding all of the crap that I was trying to get rid of in the first place (from the phone with the deleted group).

    The screwed up calendar was what I was trying to fix in the first place...
    11-20-11 01:56 PM