1. crackBerryTour's Avatar
    I am going to be selling my blackberry and my contract ends in a few days. I need to know if I need to delete my contacts now, while i still have service or if i can without service... Also, will doing a wipe in the settings delete bbm contacts? I want to make sure everything is off before i sell it.
    03-13-10 12:31 PM
  2. crackBerryTour's Avatar
    can somebody please answer this?
    03-14-10 04:48 PM
  3. jabohn's Avatar
    You can still use your phone after service is disconnected. You just can't connect to phone or BIS.
    03-14-10 06:19 PM
  4. daseff's Avatar
    You can delete them when the phone is not in service. I've sold multiple BlackBerry phone on eBay and what I do is go through and delete all my contacts, messages and pictures and then I do the wipe. Just to be extra sure all personal data has been deleted. The wipe deletes everything though, and can be done even when the phone is not activated.
    03-14-10 06:47 PM
  5. diegonei's Avatar
    To avoid problems, log to your BIS account, remove the IMEI and PIN. After that your device is ready for a wipe.
    Oh, and don't forget to backup the SD card!

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    03-14-10 06:50 PM
  6. crackBerryTour's Avatar
    I can't log in to BIS. My BIS just expired today.. Is there any way to do this without re-activating my tmobile flexpay service?
    03-15-10 03:06 PM
  7. Username5300's Avatar
    If you wipe the device you will be fine!
    03-15-10 03:19 PM
  8. GingerSnapsBack's Avatar
    You can also brick it using JLCommander or whatever it's called then reinstall the OS.
    03-16-10 10:02 AM