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    I can't find the original thread that pointed to this, but thought it was cool and wanted to share it. I found it in the Odin 2 forums...my apologies for not being able to properly credit the OP.

    The OP linked to a barcode creator:
    QR-Code Generator

    And from there you can create your own custom barcodes to be scanned in BBM 5.0. Once the generation has happened click on the "permalink" word to get the direct page, then copy the url and paste into a message (for forums) with the image code. I haven't experimented with sending a link to the page and trying to scan.

    Just some mindless fun.

    P.S. You can also create them for phone numbers and it will ask to call the number once scanned.
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    awesome, thanks for the info
    10-13-09 12:02 AM