1. emainigojones's Avatar
    hi, i just got a bold 9000 3 days ago
    & i have a couple of questions to do with installing the new bbm5
    i know i can install the new bbm 5.0 as im running OS4.6
    but i need to know a couple things first:

    1. does it just move all my contacts from my old bbm to the new 5.0?
    2. does it save conversations?
    3. does it change my bb pin?!
    & also, i tried to install it a few seconds ago & it told me it contained some module that needed to replace an already existing module. and if i continue "blackberry messenger" will be replaced by "blackberry messenger:research in motion limited" is this what i want?
    shall i accept?

    thankyou! & please excuse my ignorance, as i said im new to bb
    11-01-09 12:02 PM
  2. pikelon's Avatar
    If u r downloading ota (over the air) just select "download" and then select whatever u see "yes"...all ur contacs will be there, after u install it u can select an option to save conversations, ur pin# wont change and yes thats what u want :d
    11-01-09 12:36 PM