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    I have two unlocked 8320s. When I got the first one, I installed a Vodafone SIM (I'm in California) from an inexpensive Vodafone mobile I picked up in Italy last year. The phone obviously couldn't find a Vodafone network but did find the AT&T network I use with my 8310 locked phone. This phone asked if I wanted to copy over the SIM address book. I clicked yes and it dumped a bunch of Vodafone and other Italian addresses into the address book, and four SMS messages that the Vodafone picked up while in Italy -- all from Vodafone. These were deposited in the SMS inbox. I had an issue with this unlocked phone and it's been replaced by the vendor with another one.

    In the meantime I acquired another unlocked 8320 with Vodafone logos and splash screen. With the SIM installed the phone has never asked if I want to copy the SIM address book, and when I look at the SIM address book I see all the ones copied over with the other unlocked phone but no SMS messages. I don't want to copy the entire address book because this unlocked phone already has a lot of addresses I've entered, making it a hassle to remove the copied ones scattered thoughout.

    Is there a way to copy the text files from the SIM without also copying the address book?

    Also, do the AT&T and Vodfone networks talk to each other even though they are on separate continents? That is, is there a way to pick up other SMS on the Vodafone system that I know are there since returning to the US? The 8320 doesn't show a phone number, so I assume the answer is no, but I thought I'd ask anyway.
    03-22-10 07:15 PM