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    I'm a tried & true Palm user that has never liked (or owned) Outlook, and have no desire get Outlook now.
    Hubbie just switched to BB and I'm jealous and want one... BUT don't want to have to buy (or use) outlook (which I see as one of the big benefits of the Palm - it comes with a desktop calendar, contacts, tasks, etc program).

    SO - any help on what I can do? I see that there's a lot that can be done with Google, but I do a lot offline and don't know how that would work (ie if I have my PC but no Internet connection via my PC can I still synch)? I also have some concerns that Google is just the next MS.....

    Are there ANY third party apps that offer desktop calendar & contacts w/o requiring Outlook? I'd rather give my $$ to a 3rd party developer than to MS.....

    ALSO - If I do have to get Outlook, what if the office is using an older version (eg 2003) and my laptop is using 2007? Will the phone sync with both home & office PCs?
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    I believe you can sync with Yahoo but not sure if it syncs tasks and memos/notes.

    Regardless, do search in these forums to get a better answer on Yahoo.

    I like Yahoo's layout which looks close to Outlooks. (I use Outlook 2003)

    Good Luck
    05-06-10 05:56 PM