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    So i've had my phone for a long time, and always had my email connected.

    Today, I had my wireless provider change my data plan, and my gmail icon dissapeared from my phone :/ and I go to the set up screen, and set up my email and it seems like it works, and says they've added an icon on my homescreen, but there isn't a new icon :s and no it's not hidden, i've checked that.

    Also when I try and check my messages using bridge on my PB it says there is no email account associated with your device - or something like that. However all the other Bridge functions work.

    Any idea's? Things I should check or maybe ways to force a new email icon?
    I'm running 5.0

    12-23-11 07:52 PM
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    I'm on mobile so I can't see which provider your using but I'm curious as to why you changed your data plan. They may have cancelled your bis and put you on a regular data plan #1 or if you still have bis login to the website instaed of your phone and delete the email from there and read after you reboot the phone from a battery pull just to be sure.
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    12-23-11 08:14 PM
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    Hey thanks for replying, i'm with Virgin Mobile, changed my plan because I picked the plan 3 years ago, and there's new ones that are cheaper with more features.

    And i'm not sure if i'm still getting bis...can I check somehow? Actually i'm not sure if I am because I can't get onto App World, I have to load apps from BB desktop SF.
    And I should log into the website instead of my phone, what website?

    12-28-11 07:59 PM
  4. SwitchBeach's Avatar
    You should contact the carrier's Customer Service. It sounds like they didn't properly set up the data plan for BLACKBERRY Data Services when they changed the plan.
    12-28-11 08:16 PM