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    Well,im about to buy a BB to BBM with a friend of mine in the US.I live in india.I would like to BBM with this friend.But im confused over the fact that,considering my friend will have to activate a data plan for her bb,will she be charged at international rates,or how does it work?*international rates for texting* or is there no connection whatsoever in sending BBM's internationally and rates and data rates varying for local and international text rates.
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    02-04-11 10:01 AM
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    I suspect you are confusing BBM and Text messages.

    When she activates a BIS account with a data package, BBM will use the data and there will be no additional charges.

    If she uses it outside of the USA, there will be additional charges from the International carrier.

    Texting is seperate from BBM. Sending a SMS text to an international destination does attract additional charges. That is one of the reasons BBM is superior to SMS.
    02-04-11 10:26 AM
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    Ah,okay.thats what i was kind of confused of.Cause i had read of seperate data usage rates for BBM's send internationally,to the ones sent within the US.
    02-05-11 03:25 AM