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    I'll start off by saying that I've searched the forums for this but I couldn't find anyone with my problem... but I apologize if this has been addressed. Also, sorry for the following book, but I don't have any idea whats going on so I figure I should give as much information as possible in hopes that somone is kind enough to help me :/

    I have 4 email accounts that my bb interects with: Yahoo, college1 (using that college's email services,) gmail1, and gmail2/college2. I have 2 college accounts because I transferred schools, the second one is the one that isn't working, and the school I plan to graduate from. My Yahoo and college1 accounts work fine. The gmail2/college2 account is a collaboration between my school and Google to provide email services for students and faculty through gmail.

    For some reason, my gmail2/college2 account has never received any emails directly. They go directly to my gmail1 account inbox but are labelled as received by college2/gmail2. My blackberry (tour 9630) receives emails directed at college2/gmail2 but says the following about the email:
    received using: gmail1
    To: college2/gmail2
    From: whoever

    I have no filters or anything of the sort in my blackberry phone's email settings. I have no filters/forwarding or anything in both of my gmail accounts.

    I can send an email online OR from my bb using my college2/gmail2 account to any address and the recipients see its from college2/gmail2. BUT when those recipients reply to that email, the reply never goes back to college2/gmail2. It goes directly to gmail1.

    This wouldn't be a problem if I could then reply to the email using college2/gmail2, but I can't. From my bb, I can compose a new email from any of my email addresses. But I can never reply to an email from college2/gmail2. The bb won't let me change "send using" from gmail1. The same is true for online. I cannot reply to emails that were sent to college2/gmail2 using my college2/gmail2 address. I can only respond with gmail1.

    For example:
    -Using college2/gmail2, I send an email to my college professor.

    -college professor replies

    -I receive reply with gmail1 (and college2/gmail2 account has no record of ever having received a reply)

    -I cannot reply with college2/gmail2 (unless I compose a new email, and copy+paste correspondence to the newly composed email, but that takes a long time and is very annoying)

    -I reply to professor using the copy+paste method

    Officially, my gmail1 account has all of the "inbox" for college2/gmail2. But has none of the "sent" email. the college2/gmail2 account has none of the "inbox" and all of the "sent.

    WHATS GOING ON? I need my college account to work normally!!

    If you actually read all of this, thank you very much I appreciate any help. You're awesome.

    thank you for your time.
    08-18-10 01:03 PM