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    So I have searched the forums and I can't seem to find the correct answer to this question. Somehow all of my contacts got linked to my email from my summer job...now whenever I back up and restore my device (needed a warranty replacement and tried a 6.0 upgrade) I keep getting my old work email icon to pop up even thought it isn't set up. Then I was trying to set up some custom BeeBuzz notifications and couldn't get them to work (on 6.0 now) because I had the wrong contact list loaded and when I said "show all contact lists" it would close out of beebuzz. Now the notification thing isn't my worry that was just to illustrate the problem. What I would like to do is link all of my contacts to my gmail account since I don't have my work email anymore since I am at school. (I emailed the IT guy and got access back in case I need to change some setting with it). The contacts have always been on my phone so I haven't been syncing them with google or outlook or anything. Any help would be great! Thanks
    09-20-10 12:21 PM
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    bump - have been playing around nearly all day with it and can't find a way to fix this...maybe no one has had the problem before?
    09-20-10 05:48 PM