1. Ikbentim's Avatar
    Hi guys!

    Something really weird is going on with my Blackberry! I can't use my apps anymore.. it suddenly happened without me doing anything.

    The apps i can't use for example are Whatsapp, Twitter, Ubertwitter, Facebook.
    Apps i can use: Bbm, Gtalk, The browser + email functions.

    The apps that aren't working say something about a connection error. I've called my provider (Singtel) and they only advised me to reinstall app world (which i did).

    What have i done so far:

    - Update my OS to the newest version
    - Resend servicebook
    - Reinstall apps that aren't working
    - Reinstalled app world

    THis is really getting frustrating! I think it has something to do with my provider but could it also be my blackberry?
    09-29-11 01:00 PM
  2. laurah2215's Avatar
    I'm surprised your service provider couldn't help. I would try reconnecting to the network. Go and delete all your service books (except provisioning, because it usually doesn't let you delete those). Then go to Advanced Settings- Host Routing Table and hit the BB button and click 'Register Now'. Pull out the battery, wait about 30 seconds and then put it back in. See if your device re-registers with the network. Service books should be resent and your email accounts will be re-registered. Also, check your network settings. Check that Mobile Network is selected. Go to Mobile Network Options. Check that Data Services are set to On. You can turn the Network Mode to 3G and 2G or just 3G. If these tips don't resolve it, call your service provider back and have them write up a ticket for you. Good luck!
    09-29-11 02:28 PM
  3. Ikbentim's Avatar
    I did those steps about 20 times. Deleted app world and installing back and all. Very weird problem, however everything works fine now, and I'm not sure what I did.
    09-29-11 06:50 PM