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    I am trying to sync my Blackberry Tour with Outlook 2003 using Blackberry Destop 5.0. I have no problem syncing the address book, memos and tasks but the calendar will not sync. I do not use an enterprise server. I have three email addresses and after reading some suggestions I saw on various threads I tried going to options/advanced options/default services and changing the email address selected for CICAL. When I set it for one of my three addresses the sync does not happen at all - it tries to sync but just stops without reading any data and gives no error message. When I try selecting either of the other two email addresses for CICAL and then sync it does read the calendar from Outlook but apparently sees no calendar data on my handheld as it tries to put in all new entries onto the handheld without attempting a match. Since I do not use an enterprise server and synch my own pc directly using a usb cable I have no idea what the email address has to do with it in the first place. By the way, the same thing happens when I try to sync with Outlook on my laptop and it never happened with either computer before I upgraded both the phone and desktop. Obviously I'm clueless and would really appreciate your help! THanks.
    08-06-09 12:36 PM
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    I posted the same plea for help on another board and a kind gent replied with an easy solution that worked. In case someone with the same problem stumbles onto this thread, I'm going to copy his solution here:


    Assuming you enter your calendar appointments into Outlook and you don't mind clearing the device calendar follow these steps:

    1. Connect your device to the PC
    2. Open BlackBerry Desktop Manager
    3. Select Backup and Restore
    4. Select Backup and choose a location to save your file
    5. Once the backup has completed still with Backup and Restore select Advanced
    6. In the right window highlight "Calendar" and "Calendar - All"
    7. Press the "Clear" button at the bottom of the right window to erase the device calendar\s
    8. Now disconnect your device and within "Options > Advanced Options > Default Services" ensure the calendar is the same as the other services.
    9. Connect your device and perform another synchronization.


    08-07-09 09:46 AM
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    I've tried this a ton of times and it has not worked. Any other ideas?
    08-25-09 03:05 PM
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    After hours of trying to figure out why my BB calendar can't sync with Outlook 2003, I found the solution.

    I researched through several sites and was recommended to delete the Facebook CICAL file from the Service Books (located in Options --> Advanced Options --> Service Books). I removed the CICAL and still was not able to sync to Outlook. Also, I checked the DM settings several times for sanity, backed up my phone in order to clear out the "calendar and calendar - all" files (http://forums.crackberry.com/f152/ca...lendar-287863/), rebooted the phone, downgraded DM 5.0 to 4.7 and etc. None of the options worked.

    Finally, I decided I was going to remove FB application all together. I tried syncing and it WORKED! All of my data is on my Outlook calendar now.

    I was a bit hesitant to reinstall the FB application. I did anyway, knowing that I can remove the program if the error persists. I reinstalled the application, made sure that the calendar option in the FB app was not selected, and double checked in the Service Books to ensure the FB CICAL application was not present.

    After all three items were checked, I added two more items to my BB calendar and tried to sync. Sync went flawlessly, and I'm so HAPPY that I didn't have to waste any more hours trying to figure it out.

    I'm guessing that it might have been due to the FB upgrades/downgrades that were pushed to my phone a few months ago. I can't pinpoint the exact problem, but it worked...
    08-25-09 07:27 PM
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    I've tried both of these things and still my outlook calendar info is not showing on the blackberry.
    08-28-09 03:50 PM
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    I wasn't having trouble transferring my Outlook calendar info to the BB. Actually, it was the opposite.
    08-28-09 06:33 PM
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    What worked for me was resending the service books, deleting the ones I didn't need for ICAL (yahoo, hotmail, facebook, gmail) and then resynching. Everything worked like a charm.
    09-30-09 08:28 PM
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    I have a different problem that just surfaced today after several weeks of successfully synching the calendar.

    I get messages during synching that there are "alert conflicts" between the device and the Outlook calendar .. ie meetings that have already occurred show up on device and calendar as having conflicting alerts (ie True - alert and False - alert)

    Can't find any solution here and only have the one CICAL which is attached to my email address so that's not the problem
    10-21-09 06:38 PM
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    Hi. New to the forum and new to BBs. I was able to sync my calender with Outlook's calendar, but now it doesn't work. I looked at the device database and noticed Calendar is not even present, but Calendar - All and Calendar Options are present. How do I make Calendar part of the device database. I have a BB Tour and the BB Desktop version is

    Please help and thanks in advance.
    12-16-09 02:08 PM