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    Ok heres the deal. My Bold 9650 won't send BBMs. It shows the check after I hit send, but never goes to d, and my contacts never receive them. I can receive BBMs from my contacts no problem, but my contacts never see them listed as r even after I read them. All other features work normally. I have internet, can send and receive text messages, and can even send a PIN message outside of BBM. I work for Sprint so I exhausted all my resources trying to find the problem. I tried a battery pull, manually programmed the device and re-registered with the network, profile update, PRL update, deleted and re-installed BBM (twice), resent service books, and re-registered the device through host routing tables. After I ran out of ideas, I talked to tech support, and Sprints BlackBerry specific tech support and no one could figure it out. My BlackBerry rep said shes never heard of such a problem. So far the only suggestion I've gotten that I haven't tried is to do a total factory reset of the device, and I'm hoping to avoid that. I have RIMs tech support number, and I'll try that tomorrow, but for now I'm putting my faith in the Crackberry community. I know this is not a standard problem, but i have yet to come across a problem on any smartphone platform that couldn't be answered by the SmartPhone Experts forums. If anyone can figure this out, you win bragging rights, respect, and an internet hi five.
    07-10-11 08:32 PM