1. raptorstv's Avatar
    helpppp i dont know whats wrong with my Torch!!!
    12-15-10 05:37 PM
  2. Andy Zhou's Avatar
    Might want to update your BBM software using the App World.

    Have your friends confirmed your invites to messenger?
    were you able to chat with anyone on the BBM Contacts folder?
    If you created a separate folder, try moving the names to the default Contacts folder. Once you can see the photos, you can move them back.
    12-15-10 06:53 PM
  3. leadr's Avatar
    Same Issue here .

    I installed .246 and reinstall 337 but issue steel here .

    Called At&t and they couldn't do anything .

    what can we do ??
    12-15-10 08:19 PM
  4. shansmi's Avatar
    Delete the contacts and re-add them or get the contacts to flip their pics. If you delete them all, go slow only adding back 2 or 3 at a time and make sure they propery update before adding more. One contact is probably holding up all the rest. I just had this happen and this is how I fixed it for 28 contacts and 4 groups.

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    12-15-10 10:27 PM
  5. neosoulz's Avatar
    Take a remote back-up.
    Delete BBM
    Re-install BBM
    Restore with Email address.

    Worked for me !
    12-15-10 11:41 PM
  6. MarcoC83's Avatar
    Take a remote back-up.
    Delete BBM
    Re-install BBM
    Restore with Email address.

    Worked for me !

    Yup I did the exact same thing and it worked for me as well. Just to make sure do a battery pull after re-installing everything
    12-16-10 11:08 AM
  7. Blackydiamond's Avatar
    Same Over Here !!

    I have Blackberry Bold 9700, Official Carrier was Vodafone, and is Simlock Free
    Now I have T-mobile Sim Blackberry Prepaid,
    Everything is Working accept, I don't See my Contact Pictures !!
    Only If they update there Display picture I Can see them.
    But They Can't see Mine.

    I have tried, battery pull, I have tried to install again, I have tried to erase
    I have tried servicebook installations, I have tried register blackberry again

    If I want to Back up files remotely in BBM messenger I Get this

    Please try again later, You are currently being registered with the Blackberry
    Messenger Service. This is an automatic process that will complete in a few

    I Have this for 2days if i try it


    What is the problem, Please SOLUTION PLEASE

    So many People have this Issue
    Is it an HARDWARE or is it an SOFTWARE Error ?

    Why does RIM not REACT on this issues,
    the have internet right ? they have also a computer to look up this forums right?

    but the be silent reading, and the come with no solution
    08-31-11 07:15 AM