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    Recently, I noticed all my BBM messages were left un-answered so I checked with my friends (I'm in Australia, they are in France, India, USA). It appears they couldn't BBM me back.

    Anyway, so I decided to reset my BB to factory default, ect...

    Since then, I've asked my friend to send me invitation request but I don't receive any of them. When I try sending request to add someone, it says PENDING (WAITING FOR AUTHORIZATION). On the other side, my friend see the request and can accept it.

    What's happening ? I have the last version of BBM.

    Can someone help ?

    What's the problem.

    02-23-10 05:30 AM
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    bump. Can anyone help ?
    02-23-10 05:26 PM
  3. malagasy's Avatar
    Nobody can help ??? Please, it's so frustrating
    02-25-10 03:56 PM
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    I have the same damn problem, I dunno what the heck is happening...

    PLEASE HELP US!!!!!!!!
    03-05-10 02:55 PM
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    i assume you have a BIS data plan?
    03-05-10 07:49 PM
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    I have the same damn problem, I dunno what the heck is happening...

    PLEASE HELP US!!!!!!!!
    well, what you can do to sort it out. I'm not saying it will work (it hasn't with me so far).

    - Check your BBM version, it should be Also, get in touch with a few people (the one you can and cannot communicate with on BBM) and ask them which version of BBM they have. If they don't have the last version, it could be why you have problems.
    - Ask your operator to send you Service Books
    - Go on the Options on your BB, Advanced Options, Host Routing Table, click on the BB button and click on Register Now.
    - You can also call your operator and ask your master BIS account to be deleted from their server and then ask them to set it up again. (well, good luck because my operator doesnt want to do this telling me it wont solve the issue anyway).

    If that doesnt work, well, not sure what you can do at this point except making sure you have the last device software on your BB.

    Then, you can
    - Save all your datas on ur BB and save your contact list on BBM
    - Wipe out clean your BB and start off with a clean install of your BB.

    By doing all these steps, you should cover the Device issue, the BBM issue and the network issue.

    I've done the 3 of them and still, it doesn't work. My operator is investigating the issue but I doubt they will find a solution.

    If Anyone has advices, more than welcome.
    03-05-10 09:06 PM
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    i assume you have a BIS data plan?
    I have a BIS data plan with Vodafone Australia. I have a bold 9700. I have BBM v5.0.0.57. I have v50.0.0.330 of device software.
    03-05-10 09:08 PM
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    i have the same problem
    08-09-11 01:36 AM
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    i have the same problem
    What I had to do is pressure my operator customer service to escalate the matter to bb specialist.

    Talk to them and ask them to delete your account from their server and re-add you.

    It takes a long time to find the right person to do this but it solved my issue
    08-09-11 09:41 AM