1. confused_pinkberry's Avatar
    Basically bbm was working fine then I went on the web browser and it froze so I did the usual battery pull trick.
    When it turned back on, I could no longer open my BBM - from the main menu. Id click on the icon and nothing would happen. No BBM convos wud appear in my messages folder either. Iv deleted and re-installed the application several times now - and it still does not work....
    Friends have bbm'd me and on their blackberrys its displayed as delivered but on mine I don't even know theyv contacted me - cant get on bbm at all and not even notification icons appear in the hoem screen?!

    Please Help! Im lost without my BBM and have tried deleting a re-installing about 6 times already

    I have a blackberry curve 8900.
    04-07-10 07:28 AM
  2. MobileMadness002's Avatar
    Sounds like a corrupted messages data base. try wiping and reinstalling your OS or just clearing out data bases.
    04-07-10 07:32 AM
  3. confused_pinkberry's Avatar
    iv just done the whole options, security, wiping system thing....so do I now just re-install the bbm applications and everything else on my phone...cos atm its all blank like id just bought the phone
    04-07-10 07:54 AM