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    Recently moved to this Blackberry. Used email setup to add 3 pop email addresses (gmail, hotmail, and a .me). When I enter the passwords and try and activate I get the message,

    'Your device encountered a problem with this applications server Select OK and repeat the action and try again'

    Needless to say I have tried again but to no avail

    Thought I might delete the email accounts, but then I get the message

    'Delete failed'

    I'm guessing that it's unhappy with one of these email accounts, but any ideas as to where I might go from here. Can't see them in the Service Book

    01-18-12 02:45 PM
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    Are you using BIS or BES? And are they properly activated?
    If you're on BIS and it's not fully working/activated yet, that can be a cause.
    If you're on BES, it's possible that you are being limited by an IT policy.

    If your Blackberry service (whether BES or BIS) is activated, here's an option you can set-up your email accounts:
    Try calling your carrier/mobile service provider and ask them to guide you on setting up your emails.
    Not sure if it's the same with all network providers, but when I got my first BlackBerry, I contacted my provider, and they instructed me to go to www. __(carrier)__ .blackberry.com. From there I was able to set-up my mails (add new mail accounts, add filters, etc.)
    I forgot the exact procedure, because I was being guided by my carrier's rep. I'm assuming it's something other mobile providers would have also (BlackBerry Technical Support).
    Hope this helps.
    Please feel free to post further questions/clarifications.
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    01-19-12 05:01 AM
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    I have one enterprise email account which works fine on the Blackberry

    On thinking about it I set up the 3 email I mentioned in my original post one after the other without activating each one before entering the details of the next - the option was 'activate' or 'set up another' so didn't think anything of it, however, had I activated each one as I went along I might now just have one not working!

    I'm in the UK and my carrier is Vodafone so unfortunately the URL you kindly suggested doesn't work for me

    I've been looking at reinstalling the OS but it seems like a sledgehammer approach in trying to delete these email accounts, I can't see anything obvious in the Service Book referencing to them (maybe because they're not activated?).

    Have carried out a Security Wipe but the email addresses remain

    Appreciate any other ideas

    01-19-12 05:13 AM
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    I see. Actually the URL i gave was just a sample. Since you're using Vodafone, use this instead. --> BlackBerry Internet Service

    Since you have an enterprise account, I'm guessing that your phone may be limited by an IT policy. It varies per company, but some companies are very strict that they set up the IT policy on the phone to disallow installation of apps. And then some don't allow external (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc) mails to be set up, for security purposes. You may want to check with your IT guys.

    Also, since you're on enterprise, I wouldn't suggest a security wipe, even if the IT policy on the phone allowed it. If your phone was set up in a specific manner by your IT guys at work, it would be difficult to restore the settings back so that it would work with your enterprise mail. You're right, it's a sledgehammer approach...a last ditch effort of sorts.

    Concretely, here's what I would suggest:
    1. Contact your IT guys at work and ask for their help in setting up (fixing) your personal mail accounts so that you can access them on your BB.
    2. If you're feeling a little adventurous, try heading on to the vodafone site I indicated above and see if you can create a new user account (suggestion: use the email that you use to access appworld, assuming that you are able access appworld). Once you're there, you can add update the details available for you to fill in, including device details, phone number, etc. More importantly, you should find options there to set up emails on the device.
    Between the two, I would suggest the first one. If my understanding is correct, and your phone is indeed covered by an IT policy installed in the phone (to limit capabilities for security purposes), option 2 might just mess up your emails even more, and end up going back to option 1 -- calling on your IT guys for help.

    Hope this helps.
    01-19-12 05:59 AM
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    Thanks for your reply. I'm in IT although not in the team that would setup Blackberries (we don't have that many in the company) and my colleagues are at a loss at the moment re this issue, we don't tend to get many problems with Blackberries. The IT policy that is in place doesn't block the email services I want to use, and they were working fine on my Bold that I was using until recently

    I've tried to register for the Vodafone service that you suggested, but it has to be done from your Blackberry rather than a desktop and it asks that you set it up in the email setup application on the Blackberry which I can't use due to the 3 accounts sitting there!

    I might try charging up my old Bold and put back the the SIM card to see if I can do it from there...

    Not a good day so far!

    01-19-12 06:34 AM
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    Sorry to hear that. Good thing you have your BB Bold still with you, and running. Always good to have back-up phone.

    In the meantime, I have an idea which I'll try out myself first. Will let you know what happens.
    01-19-12 06:43 AM
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    Are any of your email account passwords longer than 16 characters?

    A friend of mine had loads of trouble getting his hotmail onto iphone, and this was the issue!

    Wonder if it also affects the newer blackberries?
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    01-19-12 07:01 AM
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    Hi folks,

    Bold was a nice idea but my Torch is now the authenticated phone on our BB server so I cannot register with vodafone using it

    My passwords are strong but not beyond 10 characters

    I'm in the office tomorrow and depending on how busy my colleagues are might have a go at re authenticating the Bold and signing up to vodafone, however, I have never seen the vodafone user page so have a horrible feeling it might not be able to deal with the 'stuck' email accounts on my Torch anyway?

    Looking around the net I cannot see a copy of the Blackberry OS 7 being available for download (thinking here of a complete reinstall) and no software with the phone

    I swapped out my Bold as it was white screening all the time, but I sure do miss it now!

    01-19-12 07:59 AM
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    for gmail accounts, I know I have problems with PW validation.

    Go here: https://www.google.com/accounts/DisplayUnlockCaptcha

    That will unlock your gmail account so your BB can validate the password.

    I don't use gmail myself, so I can't be much more helpful than that.

    as far as your other accounts, look into the providers security features and see if they're holding up the validation.

    Please follow up here and let us know if/what worked for you.

    Cheers and good luck.
    01-19-12 10:24 AM
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    Hi folks,

    Still a work in progress which to be honest has been on the back burner for awhile as I had some 'real' work to do

    I'm beginning to think that the only way I will be able to resolve the issue is to delete these half set up email accounts. I cannot activate just one, they all need to be activated at once (you get an error message asking you to put in the passwords for the other two if you just try and activate one)

    So... find a way to delete them or look for a copy of the OS so I can flatten and start again. May be a luddite statement but I miss my old Bold with the real qwerty k/b, much quicker for me to do things rather than the Torch touch screen, but maybe I just liked it because it worked!

    01-19-12 10:48 AM
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    Thought I had found a solution on another forum whereby deleting two Service Book entries would resolve the issue. Just deleted my authentication for my enterprise email and left the other 3 accounts sitting there

    I'm finding it interesting that there are a few issues on the forums for my supplier (Vodafone) whereby customers are just being told to send their phones back as broken for what appear to be software issues. Without a copy of the OS being supplied with my new phone is this an indication that customer support or indeed the company no longer wants the end user to have much control over their device? I think I'm nearing the point of returning my Blackberry (I have a 14 day option) as it doesn't look as though I'm going to be able to fix it any time soon

    01-20-12 10:38 AM
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    Did you try to unlock captcha for your gmail that I linked above? I'm almost positive that will work for you, at least for your gmail account.
    01-20-12 11:46 AM
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    Yes thanks bobaloo, I did try that, but... I still saw the same errors when I tried to activate the 3 email accounts (see original post)

    01-20-12 01:06 PM