1. tjayedee's Avatar
    Yes I have a data plan on it, I am currently running with rogers and the dealer said I could bbm and text people if I have wifi available. I have tried to bbm and text so many times but it still has that red clock oh it and I even waited for 20 minutes!
    Can someone give me a tutorial on how to get this working step by step.
    All replys much appreciated!

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    10-31-11 02:04 AM
  2. SwitchBeach's Avatar
    Do you have a BlackBerry specific data plan?
    Are your other data features working properly on the device?
    Does it work over the network connection?
    Are you getting a good data signal?

    Note that the "dealer" was wrong about you being able to text people over WiFi.
    10-31-11 06:01 AM