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    Verizon replaced my device and now I can't restore my bbm's on my new device. When i try it just says confirming email... My email is validated on blackberry internet services and i can send and receive emails. I can also send and receive bbm's. I just can't backup or restore my bbm's to my email account. I removed blackberry messenger and reinstalled it. the problem still exists. I was on the phone with verizon and then with rim for 4 hours. The rim tech claims that this might be caused by a problem on their end that is effecting a small amount of their customers. They have no solution at this time. I find this hard to believe. I am writing to my fellow Crackberry addicts to see if there is someone out there that has a solution. I am sure that most people on this forum are more qualified than the verizon and rim techs. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks and happy holidays to all.
    12-16-10 03:02 PM