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    Hey guys,

    I set up three email accounts on my Torch (2 personal emails & 1 school email). They have been working fine since one month ago when I got my torch.
    My university recently migrated all the students and faculty's mailboxes to Microsoft's Live@edu platform (initially from Outlook Web Access - Microsoft Exchange Server 2003). The migration process finished yesterday and I tried to re-validate the push email settings on my device. However it won't validate with the same password that I have (the password should still be working, I can access my school email through online website).
    I think that there might be changes of the email server, and thus I should change the email server on my device as well. However my BB won't give me an option to edit my email account (only option is to validate it), and as a result I can't change the mail server on my BB.
    Is there any way to work this out? Or should I just delete the email account altogether and set up a fresh one? And if i do so, would I still have access to my old school emails and attachments (that are already pushed into my device)?
    Any help and thoughts would be appreciated
    10-11-10 05:46 AM