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    I have an empty bbm category list that i have moved contacts into another list. I have made and deleted other category lists, but i have one that I am not able to delete. The folder is empty and I am able to rename the folder but I do not have the option to delete the folder. Anyone have any answers to this or even if anyone is experiencing the same kind of issue. Thank is advance for any advice.
    05-01-10 08:02 PM
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    I'm having the same issue! Today, I went to delete a category in my bbm list and I have other options to add categories, move contacts or rename categories, but not to delete! I have 3 catagories & one is now empty & would like to get rid of it. Until I figure something out I renamed it "Z" so it goes to the bottom of the list I've already tried a battery pull as well. In fact for my other 2 categories I have active, IF I wanted to move my contacts out of there and 'delete category' it wouldn't let me either. I don't get it. The only apps I have installed right now are ZonaSnap and Poynt. OS5 .975 Bold 9650. Bbm V5.0.0.
    TIA for any suggestions/solutions anyone has to offer
    edit: just ckd my sons Bold-same issue & he has no apps installed tho. Bbm V5.0.0

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