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    Hey Everyone,

    I've run into a weird situation. I got a new phone off of Ebay, it had no problem registering to BIS and I can receive and send emails and all the other great features of Blackberry Service.

    However I've run into a problem with Blackberry Messenger. I can receive and add friends in Taiwan ( Taiwan Mobile) but when adding friends from any other carrier, my friends are unable to respond. (I can pin them, and they receive the message, but they can't pin back nor does their status or my status change when accepting the invitation. doesn't change under pending)

    I have installed several OS versions, I've tried BBM 4.5 and the new 5.0.57. I have had my account deactivated and reactivated. The tech support guys can add my friends from other countries, and communicate without any issues, my friends can talk to my family without issue. The best I can figure out is that my BBM seems to only work with Taiwan Contacts and is blocking anyone from other carriers outside of Taiwan.

    I dont have a firewall policy, my friends pins are not blocked. I've done a factory reset under General Settings. I'm really stuck on what to do.

    TWM said they have contacted RIM but they find their responses to be unhelpful and slow.

    Please does anyone know whats wrong?

    05-11-10 10:24 AM