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    Okay basicly, i downloaded RIM's Blackberry Simulator and wondered if it was possible to use BBM in simulation on my laptop?

    I Edited the .bat file and changed the PIN and IMEI number to the same as my Curve 8900.

    At first I thought its only going to simulate the phone with factory programs ect. and not let you download and install apps. But I decided to try my luck and downloaded App World and install it on the simulated 8900, and it worked no problem.

    So I downloaded The Facebook App From App World and installed it and logged into Facebook on it, and that also worked fine.

    so I tryed BBM, but to no prevail.

    at first I thought the Facebook App was working over simulated Wifi, but I remembered when I first had my 8900, I had no data plan and when I tryed using the Facebook App it said you needed a data plan in order for it to work.
    So surely the simulator is simulating a mobile network carrier and data plan for the Facebook App to work, right?

    I dont know if anyone else has tryed this but literally all I want to do use BBM, and check notifications ect. on my laptop when my 8900 is charging, because it is a major pain in the arse keep having to get up every time it goes off.

    Here's the link for the simulator:
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    no, as it requires BIS to send and receive ... as your laptop goes through your ISP APN, then ... a no go.
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    Just a thought i guess :/

    Thanks Anyway
    04-18-11 03:04 PM