1. GHBrumbaugh's Avatar
    I've been searching around here and the net for an answer with no luck. I'm looking to add my business e-mail (Exchange\OWA) to my personal BlackBerry, got this covered. I don't want the messages pushed to my device, I only want e-mails when I manually check for them. I'd really like them in a folder all to their own but I think I'm dreaming on getting that done. Can this be done with the BIS e-mail system? Can it be done with a 3rd party app?
    03-09-10 04:26 PM
  2. johnnie4889's Avatar
    RIM has worked for years to perfect their push technology. I am not sure exactly why you do not want your emails pushed but perhaps you should consider a lesser device without push capabilities. I suppose you could turn your data services off and then turn them on when you will to "pull" your emails. If I were you, I would embrace the wonder of push technology and learn to embrace it.
    03-09-10 04:59 PM
  3. GHBrumbaugh's Avatar
    I love for my personal e-mails. Push is amazing, it's why I went BlackBerry! We just get a lot of inter-office blast e-mails and only want to deal with business e-mail on my BlackBerry when I want to.
    03-10-10 11:13 AM