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    Not sure which section to put this in.

    Ok so today, I got a phone call that I let go to voicemail (didn't remember the number). It was from someone I know, but just to make sure I went to my call log to check the history, being that I the person had called before. I noticed that the call log didn't have a record of the call I got a little more than a month ago. That had me quite curious. Once I got home, I downloaded ABC Amber Blackberry Converter (found thanks to CB) and opened up some old backups. I noticed that all my backups made after I upgraded my Tour to OS 5 have call logs that last a month long. I have a backup from when I was on OS 4.7 and it has every call since I got my phone (Nov. 2009). So I'm guessing it's something in OS 5. I have plenty of memory (never under 70MBs). Is there a way to get the call log to keep every call?
    07-16-10 08:37 PM
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    Moving to Native Apps!

    It would be the Phone App, settings you would be looking for which you will find by starting up the phone app, press the green call button, select the phone icon, and then with the phone app open, press the BB button and select Options, look for a setting in there, if there is one that's where it would be.
    07-16-10 08:52 PM
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    Now that's interesting...I hadn't noticed that you couldn't change it until now. I went into phone options and also into "view folder" "phone log" and the earliest number left in there is 18 Jun. I looked thru all available options and couldn't find one to allow me to set this. I guess that's another thing RIM does for our own good, like the "security feature" that won't let 3rd party auto scheduler apps change the ring profile while the phone is holstered. I guess the log period can't be changed because we don't have enough sense to adjust it ourselves if it becomes a memory hog. But I sure wish somebody could explain to me how not letting an app change my alert profiles is a "feature" that keeps me safe. (sorry, that's just the latest burr under my blanket with RIM :-)
    07-17-10 09:16 AM