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    I have a 9530 ( for about 2 months. For the most part, I like RIM's OS, but I just hate the calendar and the tasks. Maybe someone could help if there is actually some way to fix these problems. I should say I came from Palm 755P (Garnet OS) prior to the Storm.

    1) In weekly view, is there any way to make the appointments use wider tabs, so they actually fill out the entire width of the day?
    2) Is there any way to create my own calendar labels without having to add more emails?
    3) In weekly view, if there is an appointment on a particular day that is outside of the viewing range, there is a tiny little nearly invisible black dot that indicates the existence of an appointment that is earlier or later than the times that is being viewed. Is there any way to make it either larger or coloured? On the Garnet OS, I never missed an appointment, but on RIM, I have missed two this week.
    4) The today screen does not work properly, so that won't help and themes just make my Storm crash and sometimes not even load up.

    5) Why won't the tasks I set to recur weekly (and remind me weekly) do what I set it to do?

    11-26-09 07:38 PM