1. denjenks48's Avatar
    Is anyone else having problems adding events from your Blackberry to Google calendar? Mine was working fine, then it seems like just today, when I tried to add to my calendar, it wouldn't show up in Google after I sync.

    Forgot to mention that I'm running an old Blackberry Curve 8330
    03-28-11 08:52 PM
  2. trucky's Avatar
    Does it work in the other direction... create an event on Google and it shows on your BB?
    03-29-11 07:34 AM
  3. denjenks48's Avatar
    Yes...it sure does. If I add to the calendar on the computer, it shows up on my phone, but not the other way.
    I was trying to figure it out yesterday and I've narrowed the problem down to the fact that I have 4 calendars that I can pick from to view on my phone... "Show All Calendars", " Gmail calendar", "Device Default", and "Unknown". Gmail and Unknown are both blank when I view them.
    I was working great until yesterday...probably something I did!!
    03-29-11 09:18 AM
  4. pkcable's Avatar
    Moved to Native Apps
    03-29-11 09:22 AM