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    When I go to add a new appt, I get the usual screens, but once I've clicked this one

    the app then becomes unusable as this is what I get

    Even after flick-scrolling at least a dozen times it's still at this:

    No matter now much I scroll, I can't get to the "notes" section at all.

    This started after installing PocketInformant, which I have since deleted.

    I have a second Storm, also with PocketInformant, and that device is behaving completely normally.

    Anyone know of a fix? I've been all over the settings to see if something can be changed.

    If it can't be fixed, how would I go about removing JUST the Calendar App and reinstalling? I do have bbsak, BBdeviceManager, and a recent (and prior to the mess-up) backup. Also have DM5, and the required OS installed on my computer.

    The affected Storm is running OS
    The UNaffected Storm is running OS LyrHybrid 669v2.

    Thanks for any insight into this weirdness.
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