1. JREwing's Avatar
    I use Google Calendar as my default calendar on my 9650 Bold. When I use Google Sync, it tells me there is another app adding events to my Calendar.
    How do I find out what app is adding the events?
    I had problems with Facebook adding events in the past, but unchecked the calendar settings, so I know it's not Facebook.

    03-23-11 01:55 PM
  2. berryfit's Avatar
    Try going to Options>Device>Advanced Settings>Defaults

    Then make sure your default email associated with your google calendar is the correct one. Facebook creeped back into my defaults when I did an update and did something similar, plus duplicate entries and to be honest, things I didn't know what the heck they were. I deleted my whole calendar, reset my defaults and resynced...no problem after that. have to do it everytime I do an OS update though.
    03-23-11 01:58 PM