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    When I create a new event in the calendar and close it and move on, when I come back to check the calendar after a while, I notice
    that the reminder is set to "None" and the "show time as" set back to
    "Busy" after I had set them to "0 min" & "free" when I created it.

    I don't know what is causing it. I've tried multiple battery pulls, I'm thinking about removing the calendar and adding it back on, the only thing stopping me is the time consuming backing up my entries and restoring them.

    Edit: I just figured out what is causing it, but I'm still clueless on how to fix it. It seems that my Google Sync is causing this issue. But to get more detailed, I think its because Google Sync is set to an automatic sync, therefore it might be getting ahead of itself.

    Would anyone happen to know how this can be fixed without having to set Google Sync to the manual setting?

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