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    Hey peeps

    Had my bold 9780 for a couple of months now (convert from htc hd2) and for the most part I have to say it smashes my old phone in every way! But ....

    1) I'm having some 'issues' with the calendar .... If I add birthday and anniversary info to a contact (goldfish are better at remembering annual dates than I am!) it makes a calendar entry which is fine but for some reason it seems to think I need to know all of these events on the home screen notifications tab - we're in january at the moment and i've got reminders showing for my other half's birthday in september! If I add the reminders via the calendar instead of the contacts it's even worse and I get items listed 2 years in advance!!! Am I being a bimbo and doing something wrong here? - A day in advance would be plenty of notice!

    2) I have 2 email accounts tied to the bold at the moment (both googlemail ones). The first one I added constantly defaults to showing a filter view of a Label titled "Important" instead of "Inbox" so every time I want to view my emails I have to manually change the filter - any way I can change this so "Inbox" is the default? (I did have a look at the options menus but couldn't find anything obvious) - the 2nd account doesn't have the problem by the way

    Should also mention that whilst I don't particularly remember doing it (lots of excited button pressing went on when I got the handset so I could get on with playing with the new toy! ), I believe the phone is set up to sync with googles services since all of my phone contacts show on the google webmail window.

    Hopefully they're both simple things to sort but to be honest I don't really get much time to sit and argue with a phone handset for hours at a time and frankly, I'd rather poke biro's in my eyes than go into a vodafone store to ask for help there since the local one is useless

    Thanks in advance
    01-06-12 01:52 PM