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    What does the drop down box on new appointments in the calendar that lists "Groups" (BBM) and your email addresses do?

    My wife has a Droid platform phone, and we are trying to set up our calendars to sync so that when one makes an appt, the other sees it.

    I have google sync on my 9550, and her Droid syncs automatically. I also have my phone calendar also rated with Outlook.

    When she makes an appt on her phone, it shows up in my phone calendar a short time later and then in my outlook when I sync my phone through DM.

    When I make an appt, I can choose "Groups" or either of my email addresses. If I leave it groups it syncs with outlook and she gets a gmail notice, but doesn't update her calendar. If I pick my gmail account it doesn't update my outlook and she doesn't get anything.

    I can't find anything that tells me what the messaging account association does. Any clue or how to fix this?

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    11-07-10 02:57 PM
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    Somehow I got the default association setting to change from "Groups" to my gmail account. Now appts made under mu gmail account on my BB calendar sync to Outlook (they didn't before) but will not update my gmail (online) calendar and so my wife gets no updates. I may be switching to a Droid if simple things like this are impossible on a BB.

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    11-07-10 03:17 PM