1. ktexas04's Avatar
    Well today I caught my holster attached to my belt on something and it popped off the clip. This is the holster that comes with the 9700. How do I re-attach the clip to the leather holster? For the life of me I can't figure it out, but it doesn't look broken.

    Maybe there is someone out there who doesn't use the free holster that would like to donate it to a fellow crackberry abuser??
    03-15-10 10:54 PM
  2. Jhovany's Avatar
    bummer. . wish I could help, I actually gave away my brand spankin new BB holster to a buddy 2 days ago. I've never used em, it's all about clean lines
    03-15-10 11:35 PM
  3. ktexas04's Avatar
    Has nobody had the same problem as me? The clip stayed on my belt and the leather holster popped off. I thought I would be able to put it back together, but I can't figure out how.

    Surely someone has the answer or can donate theirs that they don't use. I can't seem to find and oem replacement to buy to replace it.
    03-15-10 11:39 PM
  4. JoBudden's Avatar
    I had this happen if it doesnt look broke it isnt.. i was able to just snap mine back together there should be 2 locking prongs just line it up with the holes put one hand inside the holster and push really hard it should snap back together good luck with this
    03-15-10 11:45 PM
  5. StAiChiLLiN's Avatar
    pockets aint good enough?
    03-15-10 11:45 PM
  6. RobJob's Avatar
    03-16-10 01:21 AM
  7. JenOfTheW's Avatar
    I'm not using mine...I just bought a third-party holster because I have a case on the phone and the OEM one isn't big enough. If you haven't gotten another one already PM me your address and I'll send it your way
    03-16-10 10:33 AM
  8. ktexas04's Avatar
    After fighting with this thing for hours I give up.
    03-16-10 11:56 AM
  9. beech_n_Lab's Avatar
    I just had the same problem and I am presenting my 5 minute solution.

    1. **Important** Remove phone from holster.

    2. Grab Rubber Hammer and hard surface.

    3. Align hole between clip and holster.

    4. Maintain alignment by holding clip on its edges with fingers on edge of clip.

    5. Use Rubber hammer with vigor. You will need to use force so think of driving a nail into wood.

    6. You will feel it click.

    Happy hunting.
    05-20-11 08:36 AM