1. politica's Avatar
    So my Tour bricked a week ago, the nice Verizon man restored it and it's been running fine, but I'm now missing Tasks, Notepad, Password Keeper... where do I get them again? I actually used them all pretty heavily.
    02-22-10 09:33 AM
  2. crackkberrry9630's Avatar
    This actually happened to me very recently. Since you were able to restore your os, I believe that means u have desktop manager. Simply connect your phone and on the top right somewhere you'll find an applications button. The verizon rep gave me a little advice to not add and remove applications during the same update. You should add the apps that u want, let them load, and if u decide u want to remove apps, do it seperately after all the ones uve are loaded back on. Hope this helps. Let me know if u need anything else.

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    02-22-10 07:24 PM