1. abelva's Avatar
    I've had my 9700 since November, and its been great. I had to get a new sim card last week and since it was replaced, I've been noticing issues. My Bold won't connect to email. (if i try to send an email i get a message that says "transaction error - failure at service.") I tried to go into Email Account Management to delete the current email account and set it up again, but my phone immediately looks for updates, and if I allow it to try to install the email update it ends up wiping my phone and i have to reinstall. Any clue what's going on, or how to get around this?

    When I reinstalled after the email setup update wiped my phone, my bbm groups were gone. I've tried to rejoin them both, and my phone will allow me to accept an invitation, but then immediately removes me form the group again. Help?
    05-15-11 05:19 PM
  2. dictoresno's Avatar
    call your carrier and make sure your new SIM ID number is properly associated with your mobile and BIS account. it sounds like an open/shut case of just making sure your account is still set up properly for BIS. something your carrier needs to do.
    05-15-11 06:16 PM