1. Ahmed G.'s Avatar
    Hey all

    I've just bought my 9700 a week ago and I've noticed that it deletes some of my BBM contacts. I'm sure though I wasn't deleted by them .

    Here's what happens, when I send a message to one of my contacts, I get a message saying that ''this contact is no longer on your list, would you like to re-invite or delete? I re-invite of course.

    After a while, I send a message to another contact on my list and the same ''message'' appears. I can see all my contacts but some can't see me as if I deleted them from my list. This happens over and over and I keep re-inviting

    Any Ideas what the problem might be? OR How to solve this ? because they think I deleted them from my BBM list, but in fact they are there!

    08-10-10 12:39 PM
  2. The Consigliere's Avatar
    Maybe it's a BBM error, have you tried deleting BBM & reloading it? I've never heard of that happening so that's just a guess. If a battery pull hasn't helped then maybe deleting & reloading will. Good Luck.
    08-10-10 12:52 PM
  3. Ahmed G.'s Avatar
    I did delete the BBM and download it again ( ) . . Battery Pulls did not help either
    08-10-10 12:59 PM
  4. Rootbrian's Avatar
    Mine never deleted my contacts.

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    08-10-10 05:01 PM
  5. Ahmed G.'s Avatar
    anyway guys .. thanx for the replies

    I shall tale it back for repair or replacement
    08-11-10 03:25 AM
  6. Jav0n's Avatar
    Tried the newer version of BBM? (
    08-11-10 03:44 AM
  7. Ahmed G.'s Avatar
    No, I didn't. I'll give it a try before taking it back

    08-11-10 04:53 AM
  8. Ahmed G.'s Avatar
    Tried the new BBM and still the same issue :'(. I'll take it back now

    wish me luck
    08-13-10 08:18 AM
  9. Jav0n's Avatar
    Hmm, that's reallly strange. Good luck guy, let us know.

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    08-13-10 08:26 AM